So I finally had a chance to see a record of what happened that night. I can’t believe that you acted so stupidly and naively, and that you screwed me as badly as you did.  Why would you give them more information than was necessary?  Why would you give them written permission to search our house?  You should know better than that given your career choice and the situations you see on a daily basis.  You are either incredibly stupid, or incredibly naive if you didn’t know that the outcome that happened would pan out the way it did, or else you are a selfish and mean-spirited bitch who doesn’t care if you involved everyone who shouldn’t be involved in our private drama.  And you have the nerve to get mad at me about posting things on Facebook about how sad I am that you left me? Talk about hypocritical. 

Even more importantly than given them information that you didn’t need to give them, why would you exaggerate to the pigs when you are telling them what happened.  Why would you say I stopped you four times when I only did so once? Why would you tell them you escaped when I never held you against your will? The only thing I did was hug you out of sadness and desperation, and all I wanted was for you to hug me back.  But instead, you gave a disgusted sigh and made a sound saying “you’re pathetic.” Why didn’t you just hug me back?  It felt like you didn’t even care if I lived or died.  And now it feels like you don’t care if I get in trouble or not, and you don’t care if you are able to help me get out of this situation or not.

You are using the situation to your own advantage, and you are warping the law for your own personal purpose.  You are not in danger, and you know it.  Instead, you are using the law to make it easier on you and avoid having to deal with the situation.  You are basically avoiding any type of confrontation that could potentially be emotional, and in doing so you are avoiding responsibility, and you are preventing any closure from ever happening.  What’s more, you are trying to distract yourself with constant social interaction, and hoping that by doing so you can pretend like none of this ever happened. The shitty thing is that for you that can work.  You can pretend like nothing ever happened and nothing negative will come of it for you.  Meanwhile I’m getting permanently screwed and having the entire future course of my life and relationships changed just so you can avoid any emotional pain or extra work. 

I thought that you were a kind and decent person, and maybe you are, but your actions are not those of someone who possesses any empathy.  I thought I knew you after loving you for five years, but now I don’t feel like I know you at all.  It sounds harsh, and you might not share my feelings, but if I could erase the last five years and relive them, I would never spend them with you, and I would be much better for it.  Even if I couldn’t relive the past five years, if I could erase my memories of them I would still be better off.  That’s how much you have hurt me.

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