I feel like you are very ungrateful

I heard from my mom that you went skiing with Emily and a bunch of your other friends, and I couldn’t help but feel betrayed.  Before you met me you had only skied once or twice in your life, and you didn’t even like it. You were afraid of skiing, and you made fun of all of your friends and everyone else who you judged for being obsessed with skiing.  I really loved skiing though, and in order to spend more time with me, you told me that you wanted to learn how to ski.  So I went skiing with you, and I taught you how to ski.  I was really patient and encouraging, and we didn’t have a single fight or argument or even yelling incident while I taught you how to ski, and that is really rare. People normally advice beginner skiers to take a lesson from a professional because learning from a loved one puts too much stress on the relationship.  But I taught you well, and you improved really quickly because of my help.  You never appreciated the good things about our relationship, and you only focused on the negatives.  And now that you’ve broken my heart to the point where I have zero interest in skiing, which is one of my very favorite activities, you are going with your friends and pretending like we never even happened.  If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be able to go skiing with them.  It feels like you are completely ungrateful for the ways that I helped you.  In fact, you even complained about how I pushed you to be more active, but if I had never done that, then you wouldn’t know how to ski and you would be left behind while your friends went skiing.  That sucks. And not only are you ungrateful in that way, but you won’t even extend the effort or courtesy or decency to lift the restraining order and help me to make the legal troubles go away.  You are just as responsible as I am, if not more so, for causing me to go to jail and forcing me to hire a very expensive lawyer, and even though you could help to make it go away with very little effort, you are instead trying to pretend like it never happened and ignore it so it can go away.  And maybe it can all go away for you, but for me it’s a very real problem that won’t disappear and that will probably haunt me and screw me over for the rest of my life.  Meanwhile you get to go skiing and hide behind your restraining order that shouldn’t even exist (and that you are manipulating for your own personal drama instead of using it for protection like a protective order is meant for) and pretend like nothing ever happened and that you didn’t do anything wrong or hurt anyone, and that you are a decent person.  Well you aren’t. You are selfish and naive and idiotic. How could you not know that getting the law involved would turn out the way it did.  That’s your fucking job, and you didn’t know that?  You must suck at what you do. I hope you never find a husband, and that you die an old maid hanging around your sisters and nephews, pretending like you did the right thing by following your whims, which you prefer to call dreams.

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