What I would tell you

If I could talk to you right now, or if I ever have the chance to see you again, this is what I will tell you.  When you told me you were leaving me, it broke my heart, but I still had fond feelings for you and for my time with you.  However, you have squandered all of those feelings by the way you have selfishly manipulated and misused the law for your own purpose and exaggerated what happened on our last night together in a way that totally and completely fucked me.  Because of that, I can honestly say that the last five years of my life with you have been a complete and utter waste. I wish I had never met you.  In fact, meeting you was the worst thing that has ever happened to me in 30 years.  You broke my heart, you ruined my life, you made it so I have a criminal record, and you made it so that I can never trust another woman in my life.  I will be a bitter and single man for the rest of my life, and, if I’m honest, I have to admit that I might actually hate women now.  I don’t know if you have tried to justify what you told the cops, or if you are just so self-absorbed and juvenile that you don’t even care, but your exaggerated story actually made the situation worse for me.  When I left jail, my desire to kill myself was ten times as strong as it was before I went in, and if my parents hadn’t been there to pick me up, I would have gone straight from the jail to kill myself with an overdose.  So thank you for all of that.  I don’t know if you have fond memories of me or not, but frankly I don’t care anymore, because If I could erase every memory of you, or go back my years and never meet you, I would do so without any hesitation.  That’s how much I hate you.  I have zero love left for you, and it’s all because of what you’ve done since you left.

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