Hey Marnie,

I’m pretty sure that you would not want me to call you Monkey or Marnie Bear again.  That time in our relationship, and everything that went with it, is past, and  it will never come back.  I’m gradually coming to accept that, even though it still saddens me.  What’s hardest to accept, however, is how quickly and completely you moved on from me and from our relationship.  I already knew that you didn’t feel any empathy or responsibility for my situation, and that you didn’t care what happened to me, but I thought that perhaps you were at least saddened by the loss of what we had, but it seems obvious that this is not the case with you.  We have a lot of mutual friends, and I frequently see your comments on the Facebook pages of mutual friends.  These were all carefree and free of worry, even as early as January. 

This whole process has been very difficult for me, probably the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life.  I recognize that I overreacted to your breaking up with me, but I still have the text messages where you told me that you were also hurting as you went through the process of breaking up, and that you would miss me and always love me even if we did break up.  But it’s obvious that no part of you misses me, and it’s also clear that you don’t love me, because if you did, you would have been much more helpful and compassionate with my legal situation.  I’m not claiming that you never loved me.  Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t.  What I am saying is that you obviously don’t love me now, in spite of any assertions that you made otherwise during our break up. 

I haven’t seen you on any dating sites, but I’m sure you are dating.  You are either much more on top of it than I am, and you are hiding your profile from me, or we aren’t matched up as being compatible on any of the sites you are on (which is ironic to me), or you are dating off of the internet.  It still hurts to think about you dating other people, and in all honesty my hope that you never find a decent guy to date, and that you either stay single forever or marry a total dud, far outweighs any good wishes I have for you.

I know that a lot of what happened with the cops was not your fault, but considering how you have done nothing to help me, and how you have exacerbated the situation in order to exploit the restraining order for your own personal reasons, when there is not actual reason for a restraining order to be in place, I think that you owe me a serious and sincere apology.  I know I will most likely never see you or talk to you again, but if I do, I hope that you are a decent enough person to at least recognize how you have wronged me, and to apologize.  I know that I owe you an apology as well, and my wrongs towards you are trivial compared to the harm you have done to me through your callousness and selfishness.


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