I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to move on and get over you.  You seem to be doing so smoothly and without any problems, and I doubt you even miss me.  Every single one of your Okcupid answers that you give a negative explanation for are clearly references to me, like how you think using the term “bitch” is indicative of a complete and total lack of respect towards women.  What about all of the times when you called me an asshole or questioned my manhood.  I wonder if you even remember those incidents.  I also wonder if you even notice, or care, that most of your profile photos on Okcupid happened while you were with me.  Your main picture came from Patrick’s wedding, and the one that I saw you add most recently was one that I took of you while we were looking for owls.  Do you even remember doing that with me?  Do you know where that picture comes from, or did you just think it was a nice, flattering photo of you?  Even though you have literally ruined my life going forward, I still have very pleasant memories of our walks near our house to find owls and fox kits, as well of all of the other routines that we developed in our time together.  I wish you had that feeling towards our relationship as well, but it seems like, in your mind, our relationship was a nightmare that you can’t leave behind quickly enough.  Does that feeling come from just one night?  Did one horrible night ruin an entire five year relationship for you?

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